Name Description Effect Icon
Concentrated Firing Attacks single enemy with Mini Gun
  • 100% ATK Damage.
Raging Lion Attacks target and enemies both left and right with Grenade Launcher.
  • 190% ATK Damage
Retaliation Retaliates with Mini Gun when attacked.
  • 250% ATK Damage.
Bind of Courage Increase All Ally Unit's ATK when battle begins.
  • ATK is increased. (3 Turns)

Tactics (Arena)

Using Ariel

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Countering Ariel

The Red Lion is a strong unit that can not only cause massive damage but it can also boost the team's attack power. 

  • The Red Lion is usually paired up with the Justice (Jung E-young).  When both are seen in the same team, it will indicate that you will need either an attack buff or a defense buff.
  • Avoid having units side-by-side, especially near the start of the match.  The Red Lion's Raging Lion skill can wipe out 3 units if you're careless.
  • Have a healer to recover damage taken from the Red Lion's Retaliation.

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