Baselard was the third and final pilot to come out of the FLERO's collaboration event with Kotobukiya, the Japanese animators of "Frame Arms Girl". She could be obtained by purchasing the "F.A.Girls Package - Baselard" but is no longer available due to the end of the Collaboration Event. She can be buffed by obtaining the Yellow Ooparts Cube during the Collaboration event.

Obtaining the Yellow Ooparts Cube will boost Baselard's attack by 1000 points.

Because of a request from the owners of Frame Arms Girl, Baselard does not have the visual effect of her armor/clothes being damaged when her HP drops low enough.


Baselard’s Skills
Name Description Effect Icon
Laser Snipe Attacks Single Target with Laser 100% ATK Damage
Laser Snipe
Full Burst Mode Launches all weapon-pods and attacks enemy units with laser. 300% ATK Damage. 100% Chance to Lower target’s ATK by 20% (2 Turns). 100% Chance to Lower target’s ACCUR by 30% (2 Turns)
Full Burst Mode
Bling-Bling Found!! Approaches rapidly and attacks all enemy units when HP is below 30% 250% ATK Damage. 100%Chance to delete one of the target’s buff skill
Bling-Bling Found!!
Baselard’s Advice Increases all ally units SP when battle begins Increases ally unit’s SP
Baselard's Advice

Arena Tactics

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The Yellow Ooparts Cube that's obtained during the event.