Usually merry; turns gloomy when something is asymmetric or odd, as in numbers; obsessed with symmetry and even numbers and due to this, very law-abiding; unable to overlook injustice;

Background Story

Betty is famously an unusual girl in the security forces. She is in top 3 as a pilot, and abides by the law strictly with firm morality. She has no competitor in the crew in terms of her values and sincerity, and she is proud to be a member of the security forces. Neverthesless, she is expelled from the forces.

The reason for her expulsion is her odd personality. She is obsessed with symmetry and odd numbers make her gloomy. At work, she would not bear anything that annoy her obsession, and everything would have to be even.

Although other members did not hate her, they grew tired of her and she was reported to the executives. The superior autority of the security forces has been bothered by her oddity as well, so they decide to move her to Goddess Kiss by force.

On the day of Betty's departure, other members of the forces gather to see her out. As Betty shakes hands with everyone, she sews all the buttons that have been placed oddly.

According to the members of the security forces, upon Betty's departure, there were loud hurrays from parts of the base, and some of the soldiers even bursted in tears from the sense of being free from Betty's tiresome obsession. 

"I'm Betty, Betty Abigail!. You must call out my name twice, always! Alright?"


Cronos Skills
Skills Description Effects Icons
Double Fire Attacks single enemy. 100% ATK Damage.

+0-4704 Bonus Damage.

Betty Abigail - Double Fire
Barrage Bombards all ammo and provokes target with highest ATK. 270% ATK Damage.

ACCUR is decreased by 80% (1 Turns).

Provokes target (1 Turns).

+0-7056 Bonus Damage.

Betty Abigail - Barrage
Guard Stance Creates a Damage Absorbing Shield when HP is below 30%. Creates Defensive Shield.

+105-10290 Bonus Damage Absorption.

Betty Abigail - Guard Stance
Agent of Steel Increase own DEF when battle begins. DEF is increased until battle ends.

+1.00-139.84% Bonus DEF.

Betty Abigail - Agent of Steel

*Specific damage numbers may change.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Betty

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Countering Betty

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