"Do not approach Natalie! Natalie is mine"

​-Bibi Olin


Unlike cute looks, she is a straight-lipped, demonic-like character. Natalia and Cristina, except for the commander, everyone else is not enough to say enough. On the contrary, it is the image of an angelic child like Natalia and Cristina.

Background story

Bibi lost his mother when he was a child and grew up under his father. Her father was always an idol of the United Nations fighter pilot.

When World War II broke out, Bibby's father was placed on the forefront, Bibi, I came to the shelter of the Reef Headquarters.

When Bibi was just getting used to his new life, Bibi was heard. My father was killed in battle with the Empire.

She had lost her only blood, and she had been in despair for a while, Soon, he decides his father's vengeance and begins to steer the battle unit.

After a long training session, she became confident in unit control and volunteered to reef, They are denied enrollment due to age restrictions. However, Bibi does not give up and falsifies identification cards We make continuous efforts. (Of course the result was not good)

Then one day again, the bibi, Accidentally found by Cristina, Commander of the Balkaria.

Cristina felt something special about her With her special privilege, she will be included in her.

Since then, Bibi has become a member of the 8th Squadron of Vulcurea and has accumulated many majors. It is the youngest in the 8th platoon, but it has excellent ability next to Xiaoi only by unit control.

I like all of my teammates, but I particularly like and follow Natalia. She always keeps a close watch on the borders and examples to prevent her from accessing bad worms.


Name Description Effect Icon
Aimed Shot Attacks Single Enemy. 100% ATK


Devil's Tint Attack All Units and Provoke Enemy. 240% ATK Damage

Reduce Enemy

ATK -90%

Defensive Shield Increase All Ally Unit's DEF When Battle begins. DEF is increased until

battle ends.

Devil's Whisper Attack All Units and Provoke Enemy when HP

is below 50%

280% ATK Damage

Reduce Enemy

ATK -90%

Tactics (Arena)

Using Bibi

We're in need of editors. Please help in filling up the data for this and the rest of the pilots'.

Countering Bibi

The Reginleif acts as a meatshield for all her teammates using her provocation abilities.

  • Always have some units that boosts attack, especially for all units.  The Reginleif's Defensive Shield skill boosts the entire team's defense for the entire match.
  • The Reginleif's Devil's tint can bring your team to their knees with the 90% atk debuff.  You can compensate some of it with units that have an attack buff. 
  • Avoid attacking the Reginleif directly to stall the first strike of Devil's Tint.  She gains sp rapidly when she takes damage. 
  • Bring units that can penetrate through enemy lines or that can attack units next to each other.  If there is no way to avoid hitting the Reginleif, there's at least a chance to take down everyone else behind it, especially when provoked by the Devil's Tint or the Devil's Whisper.
  • Use Silences and Stuns to prevent her from attacking, especially when she's ready to activate Devil's Tint or Whisper.


BiBi Olin
V8 Bibi Olin

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