"You're just in time - I was starting to get bored."

Cecile Renier is the recruitable Boss character of the Lutum Area. She Pilots the Hawk Eye Mech.


Optimistic; loves Eastern Asian culture, including comics, animation and games

Background Story

Cecile has loved Eastern Asian culture ever since her childhood. In particular, Korean and Japanese animation have been her favorites.

In her wish to resemble her favorite archer heroine, Cecile dyes her hair black and starts taking archery lessons. After a couple of years, the world expects her to be the next Olympic gold medalist in archery and end the prolonged South Korean winning streak.

Cecile turns sixteen and qualifies for the Olympics. However, the world war erupts, and Kein’s Empire conquers Cecile’s home country, Belgium. Cecile loses her left arm during an indiscriminate bombing by the Empire. Furthermore, Colonel Simon Perry, from the Empire kidnaps her and tests the Empire’s latest technology “Powered Arm” on her.

The test is successful, and Cecile becomes the Empire’s deadly archer under the influence of Obedience. Fortunately, GODDESS KISS frees her from brainwash, and Cecile joins the squad to stop the Empire.

"Black hair is a must for a beautiful Archer!"


Name Description Effect Icon
High Explosive Arrow Attacks single enemy with Arrows. 100% ATK Damage.

+0-7448 Bonus Damage.

Cecile Renier - High Explosive Arrow
Ambush of Dragon Attacks target and enemies behind with Dragon Arrow. 270% ATK Damage.

30% Chance to Stun Target (2 Turns).

+0-11172 Bonus Damage.

Cecile Renier - Ambush of Dragon
Piercing Arrow Shoots Arrow through target and enemies behind. 190% ATK Damage and 100% Chance to reduce target's LUCK by -20% (2 Turns).

+0-8924 Bonus Damage.

Cecile Renier - Piercing Arrow
Wide Vision Increases own ACCUR when battle begins. ACCUR is increased until battle ends.

+1.00-179.00% ACCUR Bonus.

Cecile Renier - Wide Vision

Tactics (Arena)

Using Cecile

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Countering Cecile

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