Sensitive to any monetary matters; a miser of money, by money, for money; her thriftness is rooted in her childhood when her family had to suffer from being poor; Apart from financial matters, she is an ordinary girl; cheerful in nature except when money is on the table; often skeptical and distrusting others due to money

Background Story

Chloe's family is extremely poor. Although both of her parents work, there are 13 members in the family, and the Chole--being the eldest--cannot even dream about getting allowance from her parents.

Ever since her childhood, Chole has been working part time to cover for her living expenses and her younger siblings' allowance.

Young Chloe has a dream to be a professional maid she saw on TV who run a household along with many junior maids. When she learns that becoming a professional maid requires considerable financial power, Chloe is disheartened.

Right after junior high, Chloe enters technical school so that she would be able to start working right after graduation. She graduates with an excellent grade and gets a high paying job. The company's name is Black Mirror. Before getting her job, Chloe overlooks the cateogy of the company, as she is blinded by the wage. Black Mirror is a private military company.

Some kind of mistake must have been occurred duirng the job recruitment process, and Chloe is frustrated by the fact that she has been hired at a PMC, but because of the pay, she does not wish to let go of the opportunity.  With her obsession with money and strong will, Chloe endures arduous trainings and become the "Small Widow Spider" of Black Mirror.

On her first monthly pay day, her dream is crushed. As she awaits her paycheck, an operation notice arrives, and she is deployed on the battlefield.

Chloe with anticipation that she would receive her paycheck after the war distinguishes herself in numerous battles, but nevertheless the Allied Forces are put on the verge of losing the war.

Losing battle after battle, Chloe survives with strong tenacity, She returns to Black Mirror when the war fades momentarily, but the company has been vanished from the war along with her first paycheck.

Chloe becomes demoralized and collapses. She curses spitefully but even then her words are vain and her wallet is empty.

Thinking about her family to take care of, she decides to enlist in the Allied Forces and hold tightly on her determination once again.

With new hope of getting paid, she joins the special force in R.E.A.P, Goddess Kiss.

" So how much am I getting paid, Commander? " 


Widow Spider Skills
Name Description Effect Icon
Check Fire Attacks enemy with Vulcan. 100% ATK Damage.

+0-4312 Bonus Damage.

Chloe Spinel - Check Fire
Widow Blaster Attacks target and enemies behind with Destructive Laser. 210% ATK Damage.

Lower enemy ACCUR -20% (2 Turns).

+0-6468 Bonus Damage.

Chloe Spinel - Widow Blaster
Camouflauge Web Spreads Cob-web Camouflauge particles to all ally units and increase their EVADE chances when battle begins. LUCK is increased for all ally units until battle ends.

+1.00-168.81% LUCK Bonus.

Chloe Spinel - Camouflauge Web
Covert Maneuver Increase own evade when HP is below 30%. Increase own LUCK until battle ends.

+1.00-159.42% LUCK Bonus.

Chloe Spinel - Covert Maneuver

*Specific damage numbers may change.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Chloe

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Countering Chloe

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