High self-esteem; competitive; especially has high pride in artistic sophistication; may seem arrogant at first, but has a warm personality

Background Story

Born in an industrial area in the UK, Emma has loved customizing stuff. Her customization would involve not only remaking of outdated machinery but also greatly enhancing the quality of any objects. People would call this child “little Einstein.”

In grade school, Emma enters many invention contest, and interestingly, always ends up winning the 2nd prize. The examiners will unanimously agree that the performance of her output is considered by-far the best. Nevertheless, the outrageous design of her machine would frighten everyone. Despite the consensus, Emma takes pride in the artistic quality of her works, and dreams of bringing an innovation that would change the fate of the world.

Unfortunately, her dream is hindered by the world war after the rise of the Empire. Emma and her parents go on a refuge in search of safety for years and arrive at R.E.A.P in the end.

At R.E.A.P Headquarters, Emma meets Jiang Lun mei at school, and they immediately realize that they can be best buddies. Afterwards, Emma visits Jiang often to acquire more knowledge about mechanics. Emma shortly becomes a great machine engineer and applies Goddess Kiss.

The Commander refuses at first due to her young age but soon acknowledges her talents and brings her in. Emma now works with Jiang to fix mechanical units, and from time to time, secretly sneaks into the battlefield to fight.

She tends to force her artistic taste on others. She sometimes gets in trouble for customizing other pilot’s units without permission. Although Emma is one of the youngest in the Squad, she considers herself mature and ignores Lunar—a year older than her—treating her like her little sister.

“Look at this customized unit. I know you love it.”


Name Description Effect Icon
Hair Roll Attack Single enemy with Auto Rifle. 100% ATK Damage.
Demon Compact Repairs All Ally Units with Vaccine Payload. Heals 120% ATK Damage.
Lip Balm No.3 Attack Single enemy with Grenade. 150% ATK Damage.

Lower Enemy DEF 30% (2 Turns)

Moisture Pack Increase own DEF when HP is below 30% DEF is increased until battle ends.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Emma

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Countering Emma

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C 045


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