Pilot of Justice GK-2 that enhances all ally units with ATK increase buff skill.


Ena is always calm and quiet, performs all missions professionally. But when it comes to things that are related to her sister, Jung E-young, she loses her temper and takes everything emotionally

Background Story

Ena was raised at an orphanage with Jung E-young, Jung E-han. She’s 2 years older than Jung E-young, and 2 years younger than E-han. She took care of E-young as if she was her own child, and still does.

Her excessive protection for E-young kept away boys from reaching out to her, This made E-young have the thirst for dating, and her little ‘crush’ on her brother. Ena eventually gets disappointed to the fact that E-young likes E-han more than herself.

She participated in the R.E.A.P hand to hand combat contest, without her parents’ consent at the age of 18, wearing a mask, and won the final rounds.

As the war broke out, she joined the military school, regardless of her parents and her brother’s opinion. She acquires utmost high grades specifically her combat skills in the Academy.

"If you make E-young cry, you won't get away with it!"


Justice GK-2
C 999


Skill Name Description Effect Icon
Auto Firing Attacks single enemy with Rapid Fire. 100% ATK Damage.
Whirlwind Shot Attacks single enemy with Gust of Energy Wave. 400% ATK Damage.
Bind of Courage Increase All Ally Unit's ATK when battle begins. ATK is increased until battle ends.
Sharing Weakness Increase All Ally Unit's CRIT DMG when HP is below 30%. CRIT DMG is increased until battle ends.

Arena Tactics

Using Jung Ena

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Countering Jung Ena

We're in need of editors. Please help in filling up the data for this and the rest of the pilots'. <3

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