Name Description Effect Icon
Cherry Blossom Slice Attack single enemy with Sword Energy. 100% ATK Damage.
Falling Petals Slice All Enemy Unit's with Sword. 270% ATK Damage.
Honing Increase own ATK when battle begins. ATK is increased until battle ends.
Retaliation Retaliates with Sword Energy when attacked. 170%ATK Damage.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Tsubasa

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Countering Tsubasa

The Vegabon is a powerful unit that slashes its foes with its sword.

  • The Vegabon can slice up units attack units easily thanks to her Honing skil.  Boost your units' defense to prevent it from happening.
  • Falling Petals usually ends a match quickly unless your team has an evade buff or it has a buffed defense stat.
  • Be prepared to have a healing unit in the field.  The amount of damage that the Vegabon produces is nearly enough to cut an attack unit to shreds within a turn.

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