Reticent, yet charming to people that she has opened herself to

Background Story

Odd-eyed Ilayda Mahn has colored-hearing synesthesia—being able to perceive sound as colors. Ilayda considers herself special with unusual appearance and ability, but her peers in the village often make fun of her.

Illayda’s parents take her to move to a new city, make her put on a color lens to even the eye color, and forbid her from informing others about her synesthesia. She is no longer the target of tease and makes friends at the new place. Her new happiness nevertheless does not lasts for long.

The Empire captures everyone in the town including Ilayda and move them to the concentration camp. They are forced into arduous labor every day. Fortunately, Goddess Kiss rescues them from the concentration camp. For Ilayda, the members of Goddess Kiss seem like angels, and their kind words are perceived as warm and beautiful silver color that she has never seen before. Right away, Ilayda decides to join Goddess Kiss.

Despite her family’s concern that she may experience bullying for being distinct, the members of Goddess Kiss welcome her and even envy her eyes for their beauty. Touched again by the members who embrace her as one of them, Ilayda pushes herself endless in intense drills to become one of the best snipers at R.E.A.P.

Recently, Ilayda has started collecting rabbit dolls, influenced by one of her comrades. Being a Turkish Muslim, Illayda habitually prays but does not put on hijab. 

"Leader, your voice has warm color!” 


Name Description Effect Icon
Snipe Attacks single enemy with Sniper Rifle. 100% ATK Damage
Rear Attack Aims and attack a single enemy in the rear. 270% of basic damage and there is 20% chance of the target being stunned for 2 turns.
Scan Enemy increase own ATK when battle begins. ATK is increased until battle ends.
Idetify Weak Point increase own CRIT DMG when HP is below 30%. CRIT DMG is increased until battle ends.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Ilayda

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Countering Ilayda

The Odd Eye is a scouting unit that snipes units in the back row.

  • Bring units that can buff your team's defense.  The Odd Eye's sniper rifle can cause massive damage and even annihilate a unit in 1 or 2 shots.
  • Put a sturdy defense unit in the back row.  The Odd Eye's rear attack can destroy a unit so placing 1 in the back row can reduce the chances of it happening.
  • Bring healing units to boost the chances of survival against the Odd Eye's attacks.


Q Pink Ilayda Mahn
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