Hardly get upset, but sensitive about her work

Background Story

As a daughter of a mechanic, Lun mei is not new to all kinds of machines. Witnessing her father miraculously fixing heavily-damaged machines, Lun mei dreams of becoming a great mechanic like her father.

Lun mei enters a technical high school, and develops her innate talent. In the International Science Exhibition, her agricultural robot wins her the “Best Inventor Award.” The world is in awe of this talented young girl, and many prestigious US universities try to scout her. Excited by the paths that lie ahead, she decides to accept one of the offers.

However, the world war erupted by Kein crushes Lun mei’s dream of studying abroad. Moreover, both of her parents die while they are forced to flee. GODDESS KISS rescues Lun mei and brings her to R.E.A.P, where she applies and be accepted to the mechanic branch. Soon, she learns that she is also gifted with robotic unit operation, motivating the R.E.A.P executives to appoint her as a pilot of GODDESS KISS.

Lun mei usually stays at the headquarters to fix and develop machines and robots, but she also joins combat in an emergency. She enjoys playing with machinery while listening to heavy metal, and no one in R.E.A.P dares to touch her machines without her permission.

"You better not touch that over there!"

Skills Description Effects Icon
Lightening Shock Attacks single enemy with Plasma Rifle 100% attack damage
Unit Repair Repairs All Ally Units Heals 120% attack damage
Skill Recharge Recovers All Ally Units' Skill Gauge when HP is below 30%. Skill gauge is increased
Coating Armor Increase All Ally Units' Defense when battle begins. Defense is increased. (3 turns)

Tactics (Arena)

Using Lun Mei

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Countering Lun Mei

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