Seems unfriendly, not good with expressing emotion and yet warmhearted and supportive from behind the scene; her subtle charisma, charm, and supportive character make her popular among R.E.A.P soldiers; very interested in being in a relationship and marriage but pretends she isn't due to the attention it would arouse

Background Story

Lisa is a rising track star. After winning championship from many contests, the media expect her winning of a gold medal at the next Olympics.

Their expectation is obstructed by the eruption of the war. Kain's army strikes the entire Australian continent, and Lisa has to run for her life.

Although Lisa and her family escape from the Empire, Kain occupies almost every region in Austalia. The Australian government has collapsed, and only few people flee from the Empire to join the remaining troops to protect themselves.

The resistant forces are lacking in power to stand against the Empire Army and on the threshold of annihilation.

Just as other refugees, Lisa is scared. Nevertheless she refuses to stand still and wait for someone else to save her. Despite her family's opposition, she joins the armed resistance to strike back against the Empire.

After long arduous succession of battles, the resistant forces manage to recover the western end region from the Empire.

However the war seems to be endless, and Lisa becomes a mercenary along with her comrades to move from continent to continent to fight against the Empire. The mercenary forces continue to defeat the Empire Army around the globe.

After quite a while, Lisa has made herself indespensable to the mercenary forces. Her fame reaches R.E.A.P, and its recruiter requests Lisa to join the newly formed squad.

Lisa without delay accepts the request. Even after endless battle while being a mercenary, the war has come to a lull. The mercenary forces have been destoying the Empire Army in every battle, but the actual damage dealt to the Empire has only been negligible. She understands that to demolish the Empire and return to original peace, more power is needed.

Lisa arrives at the restricted base on a remote island where the best female troops are gathered to form a special forces, Goddess Kiss.

"I can entrust you with my life, right? Let's do this."

Tactics (Arena)

Using Lisa

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Countering Lisa

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