Straight forward and Cool, Very honest about the fact that she likes money.

Background Story

Len was born from a wealthy family, which owns a globally well-known medical company from China, “Liu Industry”

At that time, Liu Industry was supporting Abel Fischer to develop the most incredible vaccine, which was going to save millions of lives. At the final phase of the developing stages, Kain assassins Abel and switched around the real vaccine with the Obedience, and supplied the brainwashing chemical to Liu Industry.

Shin, who trusted the Fischer brothers with no doubt, immediately went in to mass-production, and supplied the false-chemical around the globe. In result, this seeded the global war, and the birth to the Empire.

Later, Shin became aware of this fact, and turned over all information about the Obedience and anything else he had to R.E.A.P. Hearing that his information was leaked, Kain and with his Empire forces ruthlessly attacked the facility and Liu Industry existed no more. This is when Shin was killed.

Len barely made it out from the bombardment, traveled the world as far away as possible from the Empire’s reach. She taught herself how to shoot during the struggle to survive, and worked as a mercenary from many places for money.

Few years later, she coincidently participates in the R.E.A.P strategical operation and meets the GODDESS KISS. With their endless persuasion, she decides to join the troop.

After she joined, she was able to make many friends from the squad and eventually finds the peace to actually do things that aren’t required for survival.

She still dreams about rebuilding her Liu Industry someday, which is why she never held back from participating even the most dangerous missions while her mercenary years. People say that her bank account holds unbelievably large balance.

She doesn’t like make-up, and prefers to wear things simple and easy going.

"If you want...I'll try putting on some make up...just for you"

Tactics (Arena)

Using Liu Len

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Countering Liu Len

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