Talks like a mature woman but is actually very childish; dependent on Petra when in hardship; envious and a whiner; silly

Background Story

Xiao Yi is the platoon leader of the special forces "Valkyria." Being raised from a military family, she is forced to transfer to a military academy by her father after the world war erupts.

At the military academy, she shows talents for shooting and controlling units, and the commander-in-chief of Valkyria Christina scouts her.

Xiao Yi then is commissioned as the 8th platoon leader, but often orders Petra to do most of the cumbersome works. Although she is in her mid 20s, she is mistaken for teenager due to her younger look. Xiao Yi sometimes takes advantage of it for underage discounts and other benefits.

Being the only child of the family, she envies people with siblings. She moreover has fantasy over having a younger brother.

Upon joining Goddess Kiss, Xiao Yi forcibly makes the Commander her younger brother. Although she is younger than the Commander, she acts like a big sister to the Commander (of course, the Commander has no intention of being her younger brother).

Due to her strict and daughter-lover daddy, Xiao Yi has no experience of being in a relationship. She pretends to be full of it though.

"Come on, call me sis!"


Skills Description Effects Icon
Fog Arrow Attaks the unit with lowest HP Percentage. 100% of basic dmg
Fog Flash Attacks in a straight line where unit with lowest HP percentage is in. 190% of Basic dmg
Retaliation Retaliates enemy unit with lowest HP percentage when attacked. 400% ATK dmg
Battle Fog Increase own ATK when battle begins ATK increased until battle ends

Tactics (Arena)

Using Xiao Yi

- Place her where she takes the least amount of damage

- Maximize her damage using Ooparts with Critical dmg bonus

- Use DEF or LUCK Ooparts to absorb or evade hits to get to her special attack with ease.

Countering Xiao Yi

- Prioritize by making her your primary target. The longer you wait, the quicker her gauge fills up, the quicker she can wipe out your team