Delightful personality; even close to shy Q; a curious girl especially interested in aliens 

Background Story

Before the war, Maria has been of a cheerful personality with many friends. When she turns 12, the Empire arises and starts the world war, and Maria and her family take refuge and find a new safe home.

After two years, their new home is discovered bombarded by the Empire Army. During the random bombing, Maria has been playing outside with her friends, and she quickly flees to a forest. Unfortunately, she steps on a mine and cries in pain from the explosion.

Before losing her conscious, she remembers a mysterious flying object landing with loud noise and someone gets off it and approaches her. The person lays their hands on Maria, and shortly after, Maria feels painless and some kind of warmth within herself. Then she becomes completely unconscious.

She wakes up in a military hospital at R.E.A.P. The troops from R.E.A.P brought her to R.E.A.P after they had found her lying on the ground. To her amazement, Maria realizes that not only her legs are in place but also the body is scarless. Moreover, she soon discovers that she could easily overpower any sound men. The doctors have said that it’s a miracle, but Maria disagrees. She firmly believes that the alien from UFO came down and healed her.

She then attends school at R.E.A.P and researches about aliens on her own. She learns about GODDESS KISS Squad, and she enlists in her hope to achieve peace and meet alien someday. Her dream is achieved as Q joins the Squad. Maria soon becomes the closest friend with Q. 

"I wish to meet the alien who saved my life again some day.”


Skills Description Effects Icon
Bazooka Bombards a single enemy. 100% of basic attack damage
Devastator Overloads and attacks single enemy 400% attack damage
Nano Repair Self-heals when HP reaches below 30% Self-Heals 150% Attack damage
Iron Clad Personnel Carrier Increase own Defense when battle begins. Defense is increased for 3 turns

Tactics (Arena)

Using Maria

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Countering Maria

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Maria&#039;s Cosmo Girls Idol Costume