Miya Ivanovna is young pilot who was released on the week before the GK anniversary event.


She's a shy little girl who is insecure and nervous. She carries KOKO, her teddy bear, everywhere she goes.

Buster Bear's Skills




Rocket Claw Shoots claw at a sing enemy.
  • 100% attack damage
Rocket Claw
Outrage Burst Attempts to fiercely tear apart a single enemy.
  • 400% attack damage.
  • 100% chance to delete enemy Damage-Absorbing Shield.
  • 100% Chance Critical Hit
Outrage Burst
Wild Roar Increases own attack and crit damage when battle begins.
  • Increases own attack damage until battle ends.
  • Increases own crit damage by 30%.
Wild Roar
Recovery Roar Recovers own HP and increases defense when HP is below 30%
  • Self heals and increases own defense for 2 turns.
Recovery Roar


Using Miya

Coming soon...

Countering Miya

Coming soon...


Miya Promo

Miya's Promotional Ad.

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