Monica Loren is a Recruitable Attack Type Pilot who uses the Killer Rabbit Mech. She is also the NPC in charge of the Shootout Arena, where players can challenge themselves by seeing how many waves of enemies they can defeat before their team in eliminated.

She can be obtained through the Premium Treasure.

Tactics (Arena)

Using Monica

Still in progress....

Countering Monica

Still in progress...

Killer Rabbit Skills
Skill Name Description Effects Icon
Kukuri Throw Attacks Single Enemy 100% Attack Damage

(10% higher

CRIT chance)

Flare Grail Attacks all enemy units (10% higher

CRIT chance)

Smoke Grenade Attacks targets and enemies both left and right (10% higher

CRIT chance)

Ambush Attack Increases own CRIT damage Crit Damage is increased unitil battle ends.

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