Q is the recruitable Boss of the D Metal City Area (Area 10). She is an Attack Type Pilot, and uses the Spider Q Mech.


Spider-Q's Skills
Skills Description Effects Icon
Q-Laser Attacks single enemy with single laser 100% Attack damage.
Q-Blade Attacks target and enemies behind with Laser 190% ATK damage. Lowers Enemy Accuracy by 20% (2 Turns)
Q-Barrier Increases own Defense when HP is below 30% Defense is increased (3 turns)
Evade Move Increases own evade chance when battle begins. Increases own Luck (5 turns)

Tactics (Arena)

Using Q

Still in progress...

Countering Q

Still in progress...

Boss Fight Tips

  • It's recommended to bring powerful attack units that attack 3 units side by side and that can pierce through enemy lines, as they can destroy units fast for all 3 waves.
  • Have an AOE healing support unit in your team. It's especially important when reaching Wave 3.
  • Use units that stun and silence units. They can help in delaying Q-Blades on Wave 3


Q's Cosmo Girls Idol Costume

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