Ryu Bingbing is obtainable through the Premium Treasure.

She is an Attack Pilot, and uses the Red Lotus Mech.


Easily excited yet doesn't hold grudges; knows how to take care of people; many are dependent on her

Background Story

In her childhood, Ryu Bingbing is orphaned from a terrorist attack during a trip. While wandering from place to place, she is encountered and adopted by the captain of a mercenary team the "Red Hawks" Carl Gibson.

Although reluctant at first, Binging slowly opens herself to the members of "Red Hawks." who treat her as if she were their own daughter. She especially trusts Carl as her father.

Afterward Bingbing engages in battles around the world with the mercenary team. From Carl's coaching--or maybe it was her talent --she soon becomes one of the best among the mercenaries.

The Red Hawks gain recognition with Bingbing playing a prominent part in it. Then Bingbing faces a huge hardship with Kain starting the world war.

Despite his originual policy to remain neutral, Carl is enraged by the Empire's massacre, and he leads the team to resist against the Empire.

The team under Carl's command crush the Empire Army in numerous battles. To demolish the Red Hawks, the Empire deploys massive scale of battle units. The intense battle continues, and the mercenary team is almost annihilated. Carl Gibson dies from the battle as well.

Without even time to lament his death, Bingbing has to lead the escape operation. During the action, Bingbing displays supernatural mastery of controlling unit and brings her team out of the mass.

Despite their success in the escape, the mercenaries grow tired of the Empire's persistent pursuit. On a East Asia plain area, the team is in danger of annihilation as the Empire follows closely behind.

Right before the Empire units fire beam, the reinforcement arrives from above. Goddess Kiss happens to be there for their operation and they save the mercenaries.

Afterwards the whole mercenary team joins the independent platoon under R.E.A.P, except for BingBing who joins Goddess Kiss.

Her new life with the Goddess Kiss members turns out to be great. With her rich experience in life, she fits in well and every member looks up to her. Even the few members who did not like Bingbing at first becomes her fan. Recently, she seems to be interested in the Commander of Goddess Kiss. 

" Its a good day to get drunk~ "

Tactics (Arena)

Using BingBing

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Countering BingBing

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