Hi, I'm AppleDappler.  I'm writing this blog because I want to show my reason as to why I would like to adopt this Wikia.

Goddess Kiss is a mobile game that I've been addicted to since last year.  I've become obsessed with the girls, their personalities, the gameplay, the story, basically everything in this fantastic game.  I thought about going to the wikia to see what it has in store, only to find that there isn't much inside.  There wasn't much content inside, so I decided to help in editing, adding, and improving each page, as well as added other pages, anything I can do to try and help it grow.  

I want to adopt this wikia because this wikia is important to me, and I really want to see it grow.  I feel that it'll thrive under my watch, and it'll become very popular to the game community.  Sure, there's bound to be some flips and some flops later in future, but it'll work.  I'm sure of it. :)